Saturday, August 21, 2010


Terms & Conditions:
1. Accept all items STRICTLY EXCEPT Shoes and Bags
2. Spree will close immediately when total orders collected reached USD$ 50
3. Full payment must be made before i place the orders. NO PAYMENT = NO ORDERS
2. Prices quoted includes US ground shipping-->US Warehouse --> MY International Shipping+Handling Fees+Credit Card Charges+Custom tax+MYPostage
3. All sales are final. I don't accept sudden back out once payment is made.
4. I will not be responsible for any damages or lost item during shipping and handling from me to you.
5. 15-20days are required for the items to arrive, please do NOT order if you cannot wait.
6. Please give me links for quotations.
7. For OOS items, full payment will be refunded.
8. Please note that orders will be canceled if $50 target is not reached.
10. US currency is increasing like crazy nowadays, do note that i had quoted the lowest price possible, thus no discounts are available.
11. Note that the quotations go according to the size and weight of item, so do not be surprise if you see a $10 sweaters are much more expensive than a $15 tee.
12. Items will arrive approx. 2-3weeks after i had placed the orders.
13. Just email me or reply to this post for your desired products, I will provide you a quoted price which has included International Shipping, Taxes, Handling Fee.

All our quotations are based upon the following FLAT RATE formula: [Item Price x 3.4 x 1.15] + International Shipping & Handling Fee + Domestic Shipping Fee

International Shipping & Handling Fee (Flat Rate)

- Tops/bottoms: RM 15 per item
- Dresses: RM 20 per item
- Outerwear/jackets/Hoodies: RM 25 per item
- Jeans/denims: RM 30 per item
- Sandals/flip flops: RM 15-20 per item (depending on size and weight)
- Wallets/accessories: RM 10-15 per item (depending on size and weight)
- Handbags/shoes: Currently not accepting orders

Domestic Shipping Fee
- RM9 for 1-2 item (West Malaysia)
- RM7 for 1-2 item (East Malaysia)
Additional RM for next item

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